Malicious file P1kAlMiG2Kb7Fz.exe


Have searched this site to the best of my ability for the the maliciious file P1kAlMiG2Kb7Fz.exe which my laptop has been infected with - but no postings/help.

Could someone please provide SIMPLE instructions to remove this file. I have lost a lot of my desktop shortcuts e.g. Outlook and have been having problems with my wireless mouse for a few days.

I thought I could just drag this file into the program files and uninstall it, but it wasn’t possible.

Am a bit cautious about downloading AV removal tools in case I get another malicious file and haven’t been able to follow other tech instrucs.

Start with the following scanners and see if they can fix the problem:
Hitman Pro
Malwarebytes Antimalware
Super Antispyware
Spybot Search and Destroy

Please upload your file to Comodo Valkyrie and give us the link.

I got this virus 3 times in a month and each time as soon as it made itself known to my anti virus it wiped out my desktop and all my programs, it also disabled my task Manager. I had about 3 minutes each time before it rebooted my PC and I got a blue screen after that, I couldnt load up in safe mode or any other mode, very frustrating. I run XP home and it seems to be very nasty. Had to put in another hard drive as a backup and wipe and reinstall windows XP on my C drive. I still have no idea how I got it as I was reading online newspapers 2 of the times when it poped up. Thinking that maybe its on some type of timer so it hits awhile after it gets in your system (just a guess) One last thing it made many of my files hidden so it looked like folders were either deleted or folder were empty

EriuH, TurboRO, Dude

I got really desperate in this time zone, so did a Restore for my Vista op sys and I have now at least got back my MSOutlook and the malicious file doesn’t seem to be around any more.

But… my wireless has reverted to not working. So… will now restore to a date when I know everything was working. I think I just lose a few emails that way.

Thanks for your responses - hopefully this works for me. The problem seems to have started after avoiding and then eventually accepting updates

Did you try to let Vista repair your wireless connection: . That often helps to get a not working connection back up and running.

Here is a little info on what you might be dealing with
Some more info.

Hopefully you’ve got it taken care of. Now that you’ve formatted and re-installed windows, you have to find away to keep yourself malware-free.

Please do not recommend Hitman pro…reason is this:

well,hitman pro can seriously ■■■■■ up your pc since himan pro has the default action to delete infected files and what if a rootkit has infected an important file of windows and hitman pro deletes it then this will regard the pc unbootable again a normal average user would not bother to change the action to repair and will accept everything at face value.

Please note:
mbam,sas,eset online scanner,trend micro house call and other anti-maware scanners excluding hitman pro cause no harm…