Making sure Comodo settings are mine and not APTs

I work on a single PC in a home office. I do not connect to a corporate network. I had an infection. At the same time, my business website was infected. I want to make sure that all Comodo Settings on my PC are highly secure, stealth where possible, and of my own doing, not the hackers’. For example, I select Block Incoming Connections under Stealth Ports and ShieldsUP still says most ports are closed but not stealth. Also, I have a Work #1 and a Work#2. I have no idea why I have #2. And my Work #1 IP ends in .100.20. Under that it says IP6 next to what looks more like a MAC address than an IP address. Should I simply download the latest version of CIS and install from scratch?

Are you behind a router? In that case Shields Up is probing your router.