Making rules from firewall alerts

Let’s take some examples.

If i make a ask rule for DNS, i know i shall be alerted for port 53, UDP OUT, for the DNS1 of my ISP.
I allow and remember: but i know i shall edict the same rule for the DNS2 of my ISP.

I need a bootstrap rule from port 67 to port 68 and the opposite, but if i allow, the permission is for every IP, while i only want it for…

I need a netbios rule, Comodo asks me for a port 139 permission coming from the LAN, i want to allow ports 137 to 139 only in this LAN.


Shouldn’t Comodo, when it alerts me, allow me to generalize the asked rule in “real time” (from the alert pop up), without forcing me to go afterwards to the firewall settings to do so?

I am waiting for such possibility from the very beginning using Comodo.
This feature really missing…

I prefer the ability to make/edit rules based on alert for both firewall and av simply allow/disallow doesn’t cover it half the time and i have to go manually edit/make a rule