making restore to user settings

I’m a new Comodo user running under Windows 7.

When I get to step 3 of the Restore process, rather than being able to specify the destination file, I see a message “Making restore to user settings”.

If, after having waited an hour, I proceed with the restoration, I see a message which appears briefly saying “Destination folder in use” and then the restoration hangs up with the messages:

  • Recover User settings failed!

  • Recover process failed with code 64.

Please help me.

Hi lisaby

You could follow this thread it is on the same topic.;msg373661#msg373661


Hi JJasper,

Thanks for yor speedy reply.

I had already found this thread. Despite its title, the writer says that, in fact, it concerns error code 46 and not 64.

I tried what the writer suggested:

  • disconnecting from the network

  • storing the *.cbu file on C:\

but the same problem recurred, viz.

  • at step 3 of the Restore process, the message “Making restore to user settings”,

  • and error 64 at the end.

Basil (my real name)


Is a restart is required for restoring User settings?
I don’t see you mentioning it. If not, than this is the problem.



Thanks for the suggestion.

I re-booted my PC before trying to do a Restore, but I again received the step 3 message “Making restore to user settings”. When I continued to step 4, I again received the error code 64 message.

Does anyone know what this message and this error code mean? And what triggers them?