Making "Joe Public" aware of COMODO


I think a great way to make the average person aware of COMODO (it’s products, it’s services, etc) is to make utilities for the IT guys that support their computers. As an IT technician myself ;), I am constantly being asked, which firewall should I use? Which antivirus is best, etc. Of course, I suggest… ;D.

The types of tools I would use include… partitioning software, imaging software, diagnostics tools, etc, etc. Having COMODO’s name to these and the fact that I am using these (or any technician) mean that the product(s) must be good. The average user is then likely to use this same software themselfs at home or maybe suggest to their friends.


have you seen our latest backup utility?

thanks for the suggestions


I’ve seen screenshots (some time ago now) but haven’t used it. We use BackupExec :-X.