Making Comodo even stronger?...... But How?

How can I configure the firewall to be at it’s maximum security settings that would allow me to access the internet with no problem? I know a lot of people have said that comodo is fine with it’s default settings. But for some reason I know that can’t be true. I know that there is something that can be changed in order to make this firewall even stronger.

Why can’t it be true? :slight_smile:

There isn’t much you can do. Here are somethings though:

  • Block outgoing connections while booting (Security / Advanced / Application Behaviour Analysis / Miscellaneous).
  • Do show alerts for Comodo certified applications (Security / Advanced / Miscellaneous).
  • Change alert frequency level to a higher one (Security / Advanced / Miscellaneous).

Maybe someone can add anything, but I don’t think you have to do anything at all. I’m half paranoid and I’ve used the two first things of the three above.


As well as what Leoni said you could tick the bottom two check boxes shown in the screenshot. You can find out more about these two options by clicking on ‘Help’ in CFP.

Note that blocking outgoing connections whilst booting will slow down your boot up. Ticking the other two options can slow your PC down but I have them enabled at work and do not notice any significant change.


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This one’s technical enough that I dare not follow it, but if you can then it’ll increase your security even more:
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[b]Increased Security Settings / Configuration (for Advanced Users)[/b],2405.0.html