Making CFW the default FW in WIN7?

How do I do this? Just recently went to win7 os and still stumbling around trying to get everything installed correctly. But this is different from XP, can find an option to make Comodo the default FW. Will someone tell me how to accomplish this one?

Search for Windows Firewall from the Start Menu search box or go to the Control Panel, then System and Security, and finally Windows Firewall. Once you have reached the Windows Firewall window with either method, click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” on the left and choose “Turn off Windows Firewall” for both sections to disable it.

Windows XP’s Security Center has been replaced by the “Action Center” (available through the white flag in the system tray area or under System and Security in the Control Panel). You can open the Security heading to check on the status of the security products you have installed. Once you have successfully disabled Windows Firewall it will no longer be mentioned in the “Network firewall” description here, and it should say that “COMODO Firewall” is turned on.

Arkose, thank you, both for the reply and solution! Windows FW is now OFF and CFW is ON. Fix was easy, just didn’t know how to do it, thanks again! :wink:

When I got my new Win 7 x64 desktop 2 weeks ago the very first thing I did was use Revo to uninstall Norton Internet Security along with its 1,400+ registry values before it was even activated, disable the Windows Firewall and finally install Comodo V4.1.150349.920 x64. Although I had experienced a few problems with v4.1 x32 on my Vista rig v4.1 x64 has been running smoothly and without conflicts on Win 7.