making a intelligent scheduler for taking snapshots

normally we use something like take snapshot each hour,boot,day.
but that’s very frustrating, if you use to take snapshot very quickly, then can be difficult to find where the think get messed up in the bunch of snapshots, and the hard disk can run off space very quickly, if you take snapshot in a more rational time like each day the you may rollback more than what you would like to.

for example of what I wan to do is the system restore, It creates snapshot in these cases

  1. a program is installed/uninstalled
  2. windows updates
  3. each 24 hours of no snapshots
  4. a program ask for

to be able co configure CTM on an intelligent way like this I will use the windows event viewer
I wan to kwow what is the event ID when windows detects a program is installing and in uninstalled
this way I can program a scheduled task to take snapshot automatically in this case,
and there are some features which need to be in CTM to be able to the other things like replace system restore on a level where other programs consider CTM as system restore, this way it will take snapshot when a program ask for (eq: revo), I think I will post it on wish forum, but the dev of CTM is so slow to do so, so I wan to someone to tell me the events Ids I need.

I don’t know the ID’s but I’d love it if you could explain what you’ve done if you find them out because it sounds very useful! :-TU

i explain what to do in 3 easy to understand images :wink:

this is only an example, do no do it on login event, or you will get a snapshot each time you accept an UAC popup
(it also trigger login event)

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Excellent! Thank you. :slight_smile:

i found a very good event ID
its when windows just download an update, and we know the problems that can happens after these moments, just today in D+ forum there are people reporting problems with CIS and windows 7 sp1 preupdate
ill leave the info for the task scheduler in the image, it will trigger every time an windows update is downloaded

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Great catch, thanks! :slight_smile: