Make your XP look like Windows Media Center


As some of you know, there is a theme that Windows Media Center Edition, and Tablet PC Edition came with called Energy Blue, but they left the regular Home/Pro XP users hanging without the theme. So you can install this theme on your XP machine with the installer attached. If for any reason you wish to uninstall this theme you can go to, My Computer, Local Disk (usually C:), Windows, Resources, Themes, then delete the Royal, and Energy Blue files, and folder.

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Any known issues with it Justin? Thanks.



No issues at all, I just listed an uninstall method just in case somebody decided they didn’t want it after they had installed it, I am running the new theme on my computer as I am typing this.

Hi Justin,
microsoft has released an official Royal theme. It can downloaded here

When I click your link I get a page about NZ Bliss Wallpapers, also this file only adds the theme files nothing else, so even if you were to download the files from the Microsoft site and put the theme files in the right folders yourself you would still get the same effect by using the installer I attached in my first post. I think the installer is just easier.

Hmmm, it seems they have removed it. Here it is

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And here you can download almost all the microsoft windows xp themes

Thanks Pandlouk!