Make the Security Alerts more understandable

It’s hard to read the alerts in the new version than the previous. A description of the alert is hidden, and the color indications is not clear. Look at the screenshots. Orange looks a lot like yellow. Need to make alerts more apparent, for example, using traffic light colors - green, yellow, red.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I like the description hidden coz its good for majority of users as they dont understand description. So the simple popup with default mentioned for Run In Sandbox is good for majority of users.

But I think when HIPS is enabled then the description on the popup should be visible. This would be good for experts as they enable HIPS.

I too prefer the alerts as in previous versions. Now, you must click to read the text, click to hide it again which is required if you want to select “allow” as this option becomes covered by the expanded text. When you just have one popup, it is not a problem, but when you receive several in a row, it is tiring and boring. On top of that, if you have several alerts of the same category that you want to allow with “remember” you now have to tick each time the remember option.