Make the pop-ups go away

I re-formatted my computer and re-installed Comodo. The last time I had it on, I had it set so that all those annoying pop-up windows never came up as I installed or run programs. This time they’re back. How do I make them go away, and what do I have to do at setup to avoid this in the future? Thanks in advance.

daddio307 (:KWL)

Set Defense+ to SAFE mode.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Great! I’ll try it. Thanks.

(:KWL)daddio307 (:KWL)

Actually, that didn’t do it. The last time I installed Comodo, I was able to set it so it didn’t constantly ask if I would allow actions or installations, or go into different modes - it just protected me. Now, I can’t do anything without having to switch modes or constantly click the OK button to perform various actions. How do I get it to behave the unobtrusive way?


If you just reformated and reinstalled windows I would say, use ‘Clean pc Mode’, it will only pop-up for new things, but all the others are learned :slight_smile:


I’ll try it and see. Thanks.


You will always get some sort of pop ups until all your programs are learned. If you want no pop ups then use training mode for a week or so. ONLY a week. Training mode is a temporary mode.

Some pop-ups are OK, but I’m still having to switch back and forth through modes every time I want to install something, and I know it can be set so I don’t have to do this, but I still don’t know how. ??? Right now I have the Firewall/Security mode set to ‘Safe’ mode and the Defense/Security set to ‘Clean PC’ mode. What do I need to do differently? Thanks…


Installer mode ?


This is what I do when I execute a setup file (as per the CFP help). Just like XAN stated, go with Installation Mode.

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