Make Submit Suspicious Files easier

When Comodo generates an alert there should be a quick 1 or 2 click process to submit a suspect, or unrecognised application’s file to Comodo for analysis. Using Comodo main GUI/Miscellaneous/Submit Suspicious Files is clumsy, too slow, and requires the user to step away from the Warning pop-up.

This is a good idea. One way of incorportating this idea is shown in the picture below.

Similar suggestions have been made here, here, and here.

This has also been discussed in the usability forum in this post and this thread (these links are accessable only to forum members with special privileges).

Your input is much appreciated. Your suggestion helps stress the importance of this feature and I hope it will be in the next release.

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Also need re-interogate ThreatCast when not initially connected
to Internet during an alert. :-TU