Make my own exe trusted

I’m a software engineer and develop a few apps for my own use. Whenever one of my apps runs, I get a popup wanting to sandbox the program, and “Never run this program in the sandbox again” doesn’t do what it says on the tin… next run, I get the popup again.

Now, since I develop a few apps and regularly make updates, I thought the best way to ensure my apps are popup free would be to digitally sign them and “Trust” myself…
I used “MakeCert” and “SignTool” from the MS SDK, and even used CertMgr to import my certificate into the trusted root certificates… (Which Comodo doesn’t seem to use, prefering it’s own list)
When I come to add myself to “My Trusted Vendors”, adding my exe gives the familiar “The file does not seem to be a valid signed executable.”
SignTool verifies that it is successfully signed, but comodo doesn’t accept that.

I’m not willing to give Verisign $300 a year for a proper certificate, so what do I do?

Comodo Internet Security is a fantastic package, and I don’t want to disable any of the security features just to run my own software.


What happens when you put your exe files in My Own Safe Files? Make sure to remove all references to your .exe files in My Pending Files.

Not really answering the question is it… I want all future executables to run with no further interaction… My main problem is my headless server… having to plug a monitor/keyboard in just because I’ve added the latest software is a PITA… Why can my own vendor certificate be recognised?

I cannot answer the question as to why Comodo does not accept self signed certificates. All I can assume is that they are as strict as Opera browser which also does not accept self signed certificates.

I was listening when I suggested to make your exe files part of My Own Safe Files. That would work for the situation you described. The headless server changes the situation.