Make configuration file creation easy.

I had to disable Comodo firewall due to limited time for configuration and the fact that critical apps were running.

It is one of the things which lead admins to lower firewall settings or disable them all together, just to avoid annoying users who don’t want interruptions and have been working ‘okay’ without any problems.

The needs are simple.

  1. Put a number of computers in a trusted zone, with listed IPs, enabling file and printer sharing among them.

  2. Enable some particular ports inbound on trusted zone and outbound connections for some particular apps to those ports within trusted zone.

  3. Enable some apps to link to the net, programs updates for specific programs, eg windows updates, on standard internet programs like browsers, and email clients on standard ports only.

  4. Reminder should popup to allow trusted users to allow permissions, or email administrator with program name and path, date, time, port (for the first time only, or cofigurable), for programs which are not part of original configuration

  5. Allow remote access from a certain IP address or ranges

Configure in a file so admin can go round to workstations or use Remote Access and just load file to get it working - maximum 5 minutes top per workstation, or configure Comodo to load configuration from certain file on system or network.

Is that easily doable in Comodo? Does it have ready made configuration files that can easily be edited to allow such configurations?


If you want to do it manually, you could configure one of the workstations and then export the config to a commonly accessible point on the LAN. From the other workstations, you can then import the previously exported config and select it to make it active.

Alternatively, you could look into Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM). The current release version only supports CFP (not CIS), but an updated version is expected shortly-ish.

Ewen :slight_smile: