Make Comodo as unobtrusive as possible? [Resolved]

Experts –

I have used Comodo for about a year and love it’s protection and ease of use. However, I recently installed it on my father’s computer (he is fairly computer-illiterate) and he found all the popups on the firewall obtrusive and annoying so he uninstalled it (grumpy old man :wink: ).

My question is this: What is the best way to make Comodo completely unobtrusive (no pop-ups) and still provide protection? I also have AVG antivirus installed running alongside, if that helps. I’m mainly concerned with keeping people from connecting to his computer as well as keeping any virus, trojan, etc off it.

I have read the FAQs, but may have missed what I am wanting to know. If so, I apologize.



Unfortunately, with the current version there aren’t really many options to do this, but with the new version 3 which will be released soon (date not yet announced) during installation you will have options to mark all files on your computer as safe, which should greatly help with the popup issue :slight_smile:


In your expert opinion, how much security would I be compromising by turning off the Application or Component Monitor?

You would be disabling most of the firewall’s security features if you were to disable the application monitor, as this would stop the firewall from asking you to allow or deny applications, this would also allow a hacker to put a virus on your PC and Comodo would not come up with a dialog box to alert you of this new file/program that is trying to change components of your system.

If you were to disable the component monitor, it would give you less security but it would be better then disabling the application monitor, the Component monitor monitors DLL and other program component changes, if you were to disable it and a malicious program were to replace say the DLL for a certain OS component, the Firewall would not be able to alert you of this.


I agree with Justin. I currently disable Application Behavioural & Component Monitor (not recommended unless you’re confident like me, have a secure system already or are crazy). This setup is essentially what a traditional firewall is without a majority of the anti-leak features. With Application Monitor enabled, it still has the basic anti-leak like parent check.

You can’t avoid the alerts, but you man decrease the amount of alerts.
Here’s how to do if you want to be secure, but still don’t want 100s of alerts:

  1. Open CPF, go to ‘Security’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Misc.’ and click Configure.

  2. Set ‘Alert Frequency Level’ to ‘Very Low’, this should only generate one single alert per application.

  3. In the same window, check the following check boxes:
    ‘Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by COMODO’
    ‘Skip loopback(127.x.x.x) UDP connections’
    ‘Skip loopback(127.x.x.x) TCP connections’

  4. Click ‘OK’, and now click ‘Configure’ under ‘Application Behaviour Analysis’ and uncheck everything except ‘Monitor parent application leaks’.

  5. Set Component Monitor to ‘Off’.

This will give you some protection, but still not too many alerts.
If you want, you can add all programs your dad uses by yourself, so he won’t have to worry about any alerts.


Disabling OLE monitoring (don’t know what that is called exactly) will also help in reducing the amount of pop ups (including quite a few nonsensical ones).

Ragwing, you’re the best.

Thanks to everyone for their replies!

I have marked this as resolved.