Make CMS a system app for maximum protection

well this might not be possible so im just throwing it out there because if someone steals your phone and the device is protected by CMS and if they know how to boot into recovery youre ■■■■■■■ becasue they can easily reformat it from recovery mode so my ideas are for the user to…

  1. Lock these following apps with CMS app protector to provide maximum protection…
    Google playstore (prevents other apps from being installed/unistalled)
    Settings (can prevent the thief from reseting phone,modifying settings,important settings,stopping security processes)
    CMS I would like to see a feature for it to auto protect itself with a password cause you cant protect it using the bulit in app protector…
    Browser (obvious reasons)

  2. if they get the password for the CMS app protector wrong a certain amount of times completely wipe the sd card

again i dont know if making CMS a system app is possbile just my suggestion i think these ideas would really come into very good use.


Honestly, i don’t like your concept. It’s too intrusive for the user. On the other hand, protection against unauthorized uninstallation is needed ASAP.

Instead of reformatting, give option to simply lock phone, take picture, send it via email, send message via text (include GPS position, send message something is wrong on this end).