Make CIS disregard queued alerts if newly created rules deal with them.


This is a wish which is very much tied to the thread found here. I will write a TL;DR version here.

TL;DR version (Yes I know the breaks are in the wrong places, I honestly didn’t find any good place to put them so I just put them wherever to make the text easier on the eyes, also I noticed it isn’t much smaller than the original text so it’s not really a TL;DR… sorry):

Basically when you launch a new application which does not have rules for it (assuming firewall is in Custom mode or application is unknow) and it tries to go out on the internet or receive connection (assuming the traffic is not dealt with by the global rules) then CIS will display alerts for those connections. But perhaps you already know which rules you want to have for that application so you ignore that alert for a while and go into the CIS advanced settings and create rules for that application and then you apply them.

Now you still have that one un-dealt-with alert so you un-tick the remember option and just click ‘allow’ assuming that the queued alerts will be disregarded because your newly created rules already deals with all those connections, but that of course does not happen; CIS will continue to display these alerts even though your rules deal with them because the queued alerts are from before you created the rules, and if the application is for example Tixati, then those connections will be in the thousands so you have to click though all of those pop-ups.

So you’re sitting there, continuously going through pop-up after pop-up that isn’t actually needed because your ■■■■■■ rules already state what to do with those connections and finally you get fed up because you know you’ll never reach the end, it’s just pop-up after pop-up after pop-up, so you restart your system and surely enough that fixes it because all queued pop-ups are now cleaned away.

TL;DR of TL;DR: New application > Firewall pop-ups > Ignore pop-ups and create rules yourself in advanced settings > Queued pop-ups will still appear even if the newly created rules deal with those connections.

Suggestion 1: When there are queued pop-ups, when the next pop-up is shown CIS should look through the application rules and global rules to see if there is already something that applies to the connection in question and then disregard all pop-ups that already have rules for them and only display pop-ups for connections that does not have rules created for them.

Suggestion 2: Have a button somewhere, anywhere really, which you can press to clear all queued alerts.

Thank you,
Sanya IV Litvyak.

Hi Sanya

Very diplomatic to record this as a wish :slight_smile: However unless you have been told otherwise could you report this as a bug please? If surely cannot reasonably be intended.

If you have been told otherwise I will record as a wish.

Best wishes


I made a bug report, it can be found here.

Thanks Sanya. Looks Good,