Make baloon messages existance time can be set by user

It seems that there are no such possibility to increase the time for which the baloon message(like “Defense+ learns”) is shown above my taskbar. At least, Dennis2, a Global Moderator said that there is no such possibility. I really would like to give my voice for it to be implemented as a setting like it’s done on the “1.jpg” attachment: “default is 120 you can change it to maximum 999”. In addition I would add there a “show till I close it” checkbox which disables the seconds input field.

I ask because sometimes I can’t react on it because there is some complicated info written.

Thank you very-very-very much! (L)

P.S.: Just in case somebody hasn’t understood what baloons I’m talking about - see attachment “baloon.png”.

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I totaly agree.
Also it would be great if baloons wouldn’t take same place.
For example, I like to read what D+ learned about any application. After I read, I click on X to close it. But at the same time another baloon appears at the ame place and I click not old one, but a new one (without reading of course)
So would be nice to have an option - show baloons as now, or don’t have overpainted.

I’m not sure if it’s needed or not because if you don’t answer the question within 120 seconds (depending on what you set it as) it is autmaticaly denied (Window will dissapear) and will ask when you run the application again.

I personally have no problems with the balloon pop-ups (I use them) if they ever get in the way of a defense+ question I simple drag and drop the defense+ window somewhere else on the screen.

Yes, I also can drag baloon popup…but not when 4-5 of them 2 second in a row.
And still I think not overpainted popups will look better

Absolutely agree. It would be perfect if there were some options about how much popups to open and actually how(from right bottom to up or in other way). And also it would be good that there be some popups queue if I specified to show not more that 4 popups in the same time for example.

The same thing is perfectly made in miranda popup plugin, I think you can implement some of them in Comodo :wink: Please, see attachments below as an example:

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Yes, yes, yes !!!
I’m using Miranda too, so that is why I would like to see such behaviour in COMODO products =)

I added some ideas from this suggestion to “my” “AIO” list - Point(s) 5.2. If you have some free time please check my post if it’s fitted with your idea.

Thank you!

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