Make a VM program

Make a VM program!!! Make a VM program!!! Make a VM program!!!

Please make a virtual machine program, or someone tell me a good VM program besides VirtualBox (which doesn’t work for me).

You could call it:
Advanced VM

Or are you going to add this to CIS (I don’t want a sandbox, I would like a VM)?

                                                         Make a VM program!!!!          Make a VM program!!!!          Make a VM program!!!!

If you’re looking for a free VM-program then there isn’t much that will work as good as VirtualBox.
Did you try VMWare Player?

Btw, i would like to see a Comodo VM-manager very much (R)

How about Microsoft Virtual PC? Never used it myself but it is free. I prefer VirtualBox.


As I said, every time I run VirtualBox, I get an error.

I thought Microsoft VM only runs on XP.

Windows XP/2003/Vista

I do not like Microsoft products at all but that’s just me…


I too wish that comodo would create a VM… it could be called CTVM (Comodo Trust Virtual Machine) lol


I can just imagine Melih saying, “So would you like it tomorrow, or the next day?”. :BNC lol…

So would you like it tomorrow, or the next day?



Today would be nice. :wink:



A virtual machine software from Comodo would be nice!
So if the developers get some spare time, can’t they make one? ;D


(:LGH) . I know you guys probably have a lot to do (with CIS and others), and if you make it too fast it probably won’t work well (then people will say that Comodo’s products aren’t well made, people will stop downloading them, etc).

And so to test this virtual machine… i’m guessing inside another virtual machine for some people?

hehe kind of ironic but i like the idea of a VM.


I really would like to see another VM… Limited #'s of VM’s out there.

And you need to pay $$ to get extra features. It would be good for Comodo to develop something beyond paid & Free VM’s.

File Transfering between Host OS and VM, etc… A nice feature for example. :slight_smile: Would be good for Comodo to do this, And quick and easy!

And btw: Doesn’t VirtualBox only support x86 because it doesn’t work on my XP x32 system.


Soz to drag this up but I would like to see this product come to life. (:TNG)

File Transfering between Host OS and VM. this is available on most VMs but it opens up a load of security issuses

Note for future info
There is no X32
You PC is Probably an X86 unless it is an Apple
X86 is an architecture type developed by Intel And later implemented by AMD, Cyrix, and VIA,

8086 = first in x86 series, could address up to 1 MB of operating memory
80186 = I had not heard of this till today
(The 80186 was not used much in PCs, but very succesful in integrated components, Still used today)
80286 = 286, could address up to 16 MB of operating memory
80386 = 386, Started 32 bit processing
80486 = 486, faster execution of instructions, Faster BUS, Allowed CPU Clock Doubling and more
80586 = Pentium
80686 = Pentium Pro
80746 = Pentium 4 This includes both 32 and 64 bit with and without Hyper-Threading
There are several Generation of x86 Architecture Processors released after these and development continues