make a difference between safe files and unknown files not be sandboxed.

Currently the only way to have an unknown program not to be sandboxed (when automatic sandboxing is enabled) is to have it in the safe files list.
This means that defense+ does not ask for permissions any more.

I want a way unknown programs not to be sandboxed but still have defense+ control them. :P0l

Therefore choosing “don’t sandbox any more” in the notify pop-up of the sandbox should not send the file to the safe files list but to a separate list of files not to be sandboxed.

Additionally, a program that has defense+ rules already should not be treated as unknown by the sandbox.

So essentially you’re asking for the Sandbox to have 3 options for its alerts. Right?

  1. Sandbox the file
  2. Give the file complete access to my system (eg Add to safe list)
  3. Not sure about it so I want to see all Defense+ alerts

If that’s what you meant then I agree, this would be a good addition.

Also, see this related wish:


I run my partner’s computer with Parental contol on so I can control which processes can be run.

Once a process is placed in My Safe Files anyone can run it, I had to disable Sandbox to stop this.


Yes, that’s what I mean.