Make a CIS version for MAC's as well? Or at least HIPS protection :)

Hi Developer team!

It’s like this, the next Computer i will buy will not be a PC, it will be a MAC!

And right now COMODO doesn’t currently offer a security solution for MAC’s,
so is that something that COMODO have been thinking about to develop?

As the topic say: A CIS version for the MAC, Or HIPS!

I personally think that it’s more likely that you will be developing a HIPS solution for the Mac. I belive that PREVENTION is going to be the future of protection for computers in general.

If so, then it means that COMODO will be the first company that have developed the first HIPS application available for Macs (:WIN).

But I acctually do want a AV and a firewall integrated with the Hips as well (:TNG)
So the best thing to do is to convert CIS over to the OS X platform, and there we go :BNC

What do you think…?

Cheers, J_G

It had already been suggested before. Even for Linux and BSD and other Unix systems, as well. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks.

Well i did search the forum before i posted but ended up with nothing.
So therefore did i post a new topic.

So if someone have been requested this before, then i wonder what he/she got for answers on this question?

Cheers, J_G

Funny. I couldn’t find the old thread about it. Maybe it was posted in the old CFP board, which is now gone.

Anyway, if I well remember, there was no reply from any Comodo staff member, so I don’t really know if they’re up to it or not.

Edit: Here it is -

Right yupp i’ve read it :slight_smile:

And yes it seems that 3xist and you Darkbutterfly where interested to see a Mac OS X and Linux verion :■■■■ for that!

But it would also be good if someone from the STAFF people could leave a comment here,
and let us know if there are any plans for a MAC / Linux versions etc…? We can hope anyway :BNC


I too think Mac should be supported, its a pretty big OS.
With lots of web developers. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Linux = naa, still a minor os.

I support your suggestion, BUT I think that there has to be a large amount of developpers at COMODO that have to see a need for a security solution a la CIS for the MAC OS X platform. I do not say, MAC OS X does not need security solutions, I say the current market share and current amount of threats is very low compared to the Windows platform.

I see a security solution from Comodo coming to the OS X platform, when we see the Market share of MAC OS X rises and when we see the amount of threats for the OS X platform explosively increasing, I am sure COMODO will notice that and that they will consider making a security solution for the MAC OS X platform…

Now I think you are going to be lucky you have to deal with a few amount of threats when you bought your mac!.. lucky guy! (:WIN)

Hi DarthVader! Though, I haven’t bought my Mac YET, but maybe laiter this year 8) (i hope).

Yes i think so to.

But why i want Comodo to develop a security solution for the Mac ASAP,
is since quite all of the current Av’s available now is using heavy system resources.
And that’s the first thing i look at, what people say about the software they using.
Is it heavy or light on the system.

But if they don’t, then i guess i have to try out either Intego or iAntivirus from PCtools/Symantec 88).

Even if we can still hope that Comodo will develop for the Mac OS X at some point sooner or laiter…

Cheers, J_G

Yes I feel you… Most of the security solutions out there are heavy on system resources… That is indeed a reason to have CIS on a system with little capacity or on a system that is fast and light weight the majory of the time (read mac systems…)

Yes! CIS is ahead in different ways of the competition, but one aspect I find really attractive is the amount of resources CIS takes! (:WIN)