Major Problems

AfterI installed this version v3.1.181981.44 of geek buddy on my computer
my browsers started freezing and then the whole computer. I have manually restarted
the computer over and over again.

Then I stopped being able to use anything on the computer and finally had to reinstall
the OS. Consequently I reinstalled Comodo and Geek buddy

This did not solve my freezing problems and now I have found a few things wrong.

In my report records for hp it says all the unexpected shuts downs on 3/4/2011 were due to
comodo’s CMDAGENT. And Geek buddy is acting like I am a new customer.

I am a paid customer of the pro internet security program.

As a last resort while trying to update drivers and do all kinds of cleaning and tricks to
get the browser to stop freezing and the computer. I tried to uninstall comodo and I
got a message of some sort that the .net framework was also installed and comodo
would have to change my computer to uninstall and I don’t understand what this all

Can you please advise me

My geek buddy software does not connect it hasn’t since I reinstalled it and the OS.

my computer is windows 7 64 bit ( I forgot to mention this)


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