MAJOR problems related to 'Comodo Security Agent fails to start'!

Starting shortly after the last set of Windows Updates for 64-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1 of Tuesday, 20-Sep-2016, I’ve been experiencing extremely major problems with Comodo Free Firewall (the latest release version) on two different systems (same OS, same Comodo Firewall). The problems have been so severe that I’ve been forced to completely uninstall it! Otherwise, I can’t connect to any network and I see odd network adapter problems.

What I see is as follows: After booting and while still launching the startup apps, I get a message reading something like: “Comodo Security Agent fails to start. Would you like to run diagnostics tool to fix this error?” Naturally I say yes, but roughly half the time nothing appears to happen. The other half the time, the diag tries to run and I see the rotating circle indicating that it’s processing, and then it reports that it couldn’t fix the problem and it asks to save the logs (in a zip file). However, every time I press “Save”, an error occurs and I get a message saying that it could not save the file.

I tried installing the latest release – v8.4.0.5076 – but that doesn’t help.

From then on, not only can’t I connect to the Internet, but often Windows reports that the Ethernet network adapter on my mobo doesn’t even exist!!

I’ve tried running SFC /Scannow and chkdsk, etc, but nothing helps. The ONLY way I can boot successfully and connect to any network is to completely uninstall Comodo Firewall and reboot.

Please help!