Major problem with CPF V3

I have been using CPF V3 for several weeks after reading good things about it. All was well until an hour or two ago, then… I was using a wireless connection to a cable modem, I’d been on-line for an hour or so when a window pops up, “New network found…Do you want to give it a name” (or words to that effect). Well I was in an apartment complex where there are a number of wireless networks so naturally I didn’t want to connect to any of them, nor did I want them to connect to my laptop. The only option as I remember it was to close the window or give the network a name. I chose Close. My connection went dead, great firewall. However, I could find no way of reconnectiong, nor any way to tell CPF that I really did want to name that network it had found.

So that was it, no connection. I then decided to Exit CPF and try again, that didn’t work. I tried re-booting, that didn’t work, nor did the “Found new network…” window pop up again. Sooooo I decided to un-install and re-install, only CPF doesn’t feature in Control Panel “Add/Remove software.” Soooo I tried running the Setup.exe again. This produced a message saying that CPF was already installed and did I want to remove it, with two options, Yes & No. I chose Yes. Nothing appeared to happen. Tried it again, same result. Took a look in the installation folder, in my case D:\Program Files\Comodo. It contains a folder “Firewall” which is empty, blank, nothing.

So I can’t un-install, and I can’t re-install because CPF hasn’t been un-installed. Now what do I do? I’m leaving for Europe on Monday morning. Suggestions urgently needed.


Download the file from here, unzip it, and run the batch file.

After you’ve done that, reboot and try to reinstall CFP 3 again.


Well that was a fast response, I am impressed. Thanks will try the link, will try anything right now rather than an image restore.


Hey Ragwing you’re good! At least I think so, I’m still not back on the wireless network but the un-install seemed to work. Just one other, related question though. How should I respond to “Found new network”? No information about the network was given so there was no way of knowing that CPF had just “found” the network I’ve been using for weeks. If I had given it a name, and it turned out to be a hacker lurking in the complex would he have had access to my machine?


I feel answer to this question is “yes”. he can acess your machine.

but there is a way ,configure your global rules so as not to allow any INcoming connection attempts from that network zone.

In fact i could suggest this much only as had not encountered such problem.

Yours is a serious problem 9 think so)

You can create one manually by going to FirewallCommon TasksMy Network Zones and create a network zone with your routers IP-range (so if your internal IP-address is, the range would be
Else, when CFP has popped up a pop-up about the new network, name it and then go to FirewallCommon TasksMy Network Zones and see if the address range belongs to your network, even though it’s highly unlikely that it’s someone else’s network.

CFP shouldn’t detect someone else’s network, unless you’re connected to it.
But if we imagine that you’d connect to his network, and add his network zone, he would have full access to your computer, as all traffic (incoming and outgoing) would be allowed by CFP (inside the internal IP-range).

Still, even if you use your IP-range, this could happen if you allowed your network, and he uses a router from the same company. If you connected to his network, it would be trusted by CFP (as it uses the same IP-range).
But as most laptops are set to automatically connect to a certain network, it’s also very unlikely that this would happen.