Major flaw in comodo

i installed Comodo today on my laptop and imagine how p###d off i was when I could no longer use my computer and had to crash it several times

the defense+ blocks the synaptics mousepad driver by default and asks for permission for it to access the comodo GUI but you cant access your mousepad to click OK - catch 22 , cant click OK to allow the mousepad driver…

I had to crash the laptop and upon restart quickly disable the mousepad driver from running at boot using MSCONFIG (before comodo would block it) then restart and manually add the synaptics driver to SAFE-LIST in firewall THEN re-enable the synaptics driver and restart the computer

also WINDOWS GENUINE ADVANTAGE came on saying my windows is illegal when its not???

I highly recommend that comodo software writers add the synaptics driver to the safe list

Wouldn’t it be easier to set “Defence+ Security Level” → Clean PC Mode? ???

I just went with all the default installation methods… this means synaptics is blocked and you cant use the mousepad to choose/click anything - so when comodo tells you the synaptics process is trying to access comodo user interface (click OK/ALLOW) do you want to allow it? - you cant click ALLOW/OK cos its locked out until its allowed…

poor default setup and it should be revised

Or put Synaptics to the list My Trusted Software Vendors.

The Windows WGA alert may be a separate issue. It happened to my mother’s computer a couple of months ago. It turned out there was a mandatory WGA update waiting with the automatic updates.

Can you show a screenshot of the access Comodo user interface alert in the Defense + logs (Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defene + Alerts)?

its sorted now as i manage to get access to add it to ‘safe-list’ but here is a screenshot of the logs, as you can see I had to crash the computer 3 times as it stopped access to my mousepad and I had to use CTRL+ALT+DEL / Shutdown using TAB button to choose and ENTER to select - on the 4th reboot I manage to close the synaptics driver before the firewall acted so I could get time to add it to the safe list

also the WGA happened on 2 of the reboots and there was NO update waiting, it was caused by comodo