mainUI does not launch due to 'cmdhtml.dll' C000001D.ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION [M1863]

I just installed CIS on a new Windows 7 Pro 64-bit installation. The only other things that I’ve installed are the chipset, ethernet, and audio drivers for the motherboard, and Opera browser—I don’t think there’s a conflict with CIS and another program.

If I double click the desktop CIS icon, nothing happens. If I click on “At Risk” in the desktop widget, nothing happens. If I right click the system tray icon and click “Open,” nothing happens. If I go to the Start menu and click the CIS icon, nothing happens. In Task Manager, both cis.exe and CisTray.exe are running. CIS is not updating itself, and there is apparently nothing I can do to make it update. I even received a Windows notification telling me that CIS is not up to date and asking if I want to fix this. When I click “Yes, I trust this publisher and want to run this program,” nothing happens.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Get ProcDump : ProcDump - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn
Kill every process named ‘cis.exe’, ‘CisTray.exe’ with Task Manager
Use : procdump -accepteula -w -ma -e -n 4 cis.exe
Launch ‘cis.exe’ from Start Menu

Provide a link to dumps. Thank you.

I did as instructed. Here are the 4 dump files from ProcDump:

Thank you.

You can remove the link, now. Thank you.

At first sight, this issue might be caused by SSE2 support. Could you check if your CPU supports SSE2 instructions?
Get CPU-Z : CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID
Check at “Instructions” if SSE2 is listed.

Many thanks.

SSE2 is listing among “Instructions.” See attached image.

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I have forwarded your issue. It could take some time until it is processed, analyzed, fixed.

Thanks again.

// bug 1863

Thank you very much for helping.

The problem I had was apparently because I had not yet received the Service Pack 1 update in Windows 7. I turned on my computer today to see if I could get CIS working. I received a notification from Windows that SP1 was ready to install. As soon as it was installed and the PC rebooted, CIS was working normally.

I thought SP1 was among the first updates, so I had simply assumed that it was installed within the first few hours of having Windows 7 running. I was wrong.

That’s interesting. In that case, it could be a documentation issue since SP1 is not listed among system requirements. :slight_smile:

It seems odd. I installed CIS on an old Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop a couple of months ago, and I’m almost positive that I installed CIS before installing any Windows updates, yet I didn’t have any issues there. shrug

Anyway, thanks for looking into it.

Hi qmarius,
I am wondering if the issue robosapiens was experiencing was a coincidence that installing SP1 fixed the issue.
Maybe the system had some form of unforeseen corruption that was repaired when installing SP1.

The only reason I mentioned this is, because until recently I had CIS on two Windows 7 systems with no services packs and no related issues.

Kind regards.

It could be a coincidence. The issue was not marked as fixed (to be clear). Thanks for the valuable information as always, @captainsticks.

Hi robosapiens,

CPU you are using is not supported.
CPU must support Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2): Intel Haswell processor or newer.

Kind regards

Please check with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta thanks.

Please check with thanks.