Maintenance-free (no prompt) soft rules / settings

I’m looking to install Comodo Firewall with Defense+ on a friend’s grandmother’s laptop.

She’s pretty tech-saavy but as I won’t be around to explain case-by-case about prompts, I’m looking to install it with some basic protection that won’t give her nightmares, and that will be, for the most part, maintenance-free.

Any tips or suggestions? I tried searching around but did not fall on anything precise.


But Defense+ in Training Mode for about a week by going to Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings. Let it LEARN the programs, and then switch it back to Safe Mode.

Defense+ in Training Mode creates AUTO-ALLOW rules for all programs, you won’t see ANY Defense+ Alerts. This is also used for gaming mode :slight_smile:

If your friend’s Grandma doesn’t download much, or doesn’t install stuff all the time, All should be well :-).