mainserv.exe blocked each time I reboot

This is a part of APC’s PowerChute program to, among other things, put the computer into hibernation as the UPS battery drains during a power outage. Exactly what mainserv.exe does is not overly clear according to my on-line search.

Recently, mainserve fails to load upon reboot, causing a pop-up error message; a search of Comodo Firewall’s Unblock Applications finds mainserv.exe there, so I unblock it, whereupon it reappears as a blocked item upon each subsequent reboot. The Comodo File Details sheet shows that the program has a File Rating of Trusted. What do I need to do to keep the file from being repeatedly blocked?

You need to check the logs for the relevant component that is listed as being blocked by in the unblock applications task. If it is a firewall block check the firewall logs, if HIPS check HIPS logs. That way it would be easier to figure out what is happening and how to correct it if possible. Though it sounds like it is being blocked by the firewall, which is caused by a bug or feature depending on how you look at it, where the firewall blocks all outgoing connection requests of applications that run before the comodo tray is running.

If mainserve starts before the CIS tray starts and tries to connect out, then it will be blocked and there is nothing you can do to allow it, I submitted this issue to Comodo and they are aware of it, but I’m not sure if they will fix or change this blocking behavior in the upcoming release.

At the risk of seeming to be argumentative, first, this problem only started recently, and should not be there now. I just checked my wife’s computer, which, when I restarted it yesterday, had no Comodo error pop-ups. I checked her list of block apps; unlike mine, mainserve.exe is not there, but a few other APC entries are, entries which are not in my blocked list. I have used both Comodo Firewall and APC Power Chute together for many years without this specific problem previously, other than a single instance on my wife’s computer which turned out to be caused by other problems. When I finally realized that and rectified them, Comodo stopped showing an error message about Power Chute on restarts.

The HIPS log says that the application is C:\Windows\eplorer.exe, Action is access memory, and the target is C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo
Internet Security\cis.exe. (I would have posted the scree shot if I could have figured out how to do that here. I inserted the Insert Image Code, but could not copy the image into this message.)

I have reinstalled Power Chute at least once since the problem started, with, obviously, no improvement. I can do that again if it would help (or at least not hinder.)

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