Main window position not saved after restart or log off

Very happy with Comodo as an internet security solution. Love how you can easily tell the virus scanner and defense+ what files to ignore and mark as safe too.

Have an issue with the main window. I’m running WinXP SP3 and two accounts - one admin, the other limited.

In the admin account, the main Comodo window (the one which opens via a double click on the sys tray icon) is off-centre slightly, in the limited it appears down at the bottom right of the screen.

When I move them both back centre, the position is only remembered until next reboot or Log in. Funny thing is, all the other log viewing window positions and sizes are remembered as you’d expect.

No one else have this issue? It’s on a fresh install and the first time I’ve decided to use the full package. I think it’s great BTW. :slight_smile:

The main window’s position is not saved on both accounts - quite annoying. Perhaps the limited account confused the install, as I had to have it set to admin first to set all the options and filetypes for windows and programs before demoting it to limited.

Where in the registry or config file is its Window position saved so I can check it’s getting added properly?