Main Menu Icons not working


I have the Dutch version of the Comodo Dragon. If I start up the Comodo forum (and log in) the main menu only shows icons. I.e. in the top are 6 icons that show the same image; they do not show what they do.
Even when I go over them with the cursor there is no pop-up what they mean.
The same goes for the menu when you want to make a new post.

By trial and error I found what the buttons do but but it is inconvenient.

PS. in the top main menu there is right to the buttons a “lock-icon” I tried this one, it showed “unlocked” but it did not show any image or more info on those buttons

Did you try cleaning cache and cookies and restarting Dragon?

I use Ccleaner to clean the cache and cookies regularly.
I went to the options menu in Comodo Dragon; Advanced; Privacy and marked the line: “Clear history and cookies at exit”. I closed Dragon and restarted.
No improvement.

The strange thing is that I got a message on my Email account that there was a reply (from EricJH) on this post. In that message was a link to this forum. I followed the link and then it showed the icons ‘normal’. When I logged in the icons were ‘not normal’ again.

I tried your scenario on Dragon but I could not reproduce here on Win 7 SP1 x86. Are you using Extension? Try temporarily disabling available extensions, restart Dragon and try again.

I do not use any extensions. I use XP and Comodo Internet security.

By they way, welkom op de forums Medelander… :slight_smile:

I tried putting the interface to NL but again I could not reproduce on my system. Anybody else with XP care to give it a try?