Main GUI opens on Startup

Comodo 3.5 57173.439

The problem at is not solved for me by the suggestion given. The full comodo gui opens at boot up and i want it to just go to tray.

I logged in and could not seen any new topic link under the firewall forum?

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Hi David

That’s because CFP 3 board has been closed due to CFP being superseded by CIS. CIS has many sub-boards depending on what the issue is, but you probably need Install / Setup / Configuration Help.

I can either move your topic there or you can start a new one. Your call.

In the mean time, download & install Autoruns. Autoruns is an MS tool that checks all startup entries & we’ll probably need it to diagnose your problem.

Hi kail

Please move it. Does this mean there will not be a stand alone firewall anymore?

OK moving…

Not really. CIS contains all that CFP had (Firewall & Defense+), but also now includes an AV. However, you can choose to install what you like/need. So, you can still only install exactly what CFP was by skipping the AV.

Did you get Autoruns?

edit: Topic subject changed.