mail ?

Does someone know startmail ?
With CIS, it would be a modern feature and a plus in paid version.

Not really impressed with it. There will be some better solutions that are in the making, promising much more then startmail (ixqucik).
Kim Dotcom MEGAMAIL is one of them, also etc etc

ok - and implemented with CIS, which one will you choose ?

…There will be some better solutions…promising much more…
i did not know mailpile … (alpha = not mature _ maybe are you one of your tester ?)…
The others look geek/gadget. I stay confident in ixquick (beta = not ready _ and still think that is the best).
Will comodo plan a secure webmail in the next future ?

No, i’m not beta tester i’m just “in the groove with IT security” :wink:
Seeing how storage works im really impressed, so i assume megamail will be in in this class.
We’ll just have to wait to see

ok - i will compare with the others this week or the next.
Thx Mark1 for this unknown and interesting information.

mega is a sharing cloud - will try ixquick beta later - mailpils is a soft -