Mail Server Connection Terminates


Recently installed the Beta CAV 2.0 but when I send email I constantly receive an error which says my connection to the server has unexpectedly been terminated. I have switched off outgoing scanning but still receive the error. Also despite the error the message has been sent. This has only happened since I installed CAV. I am also using CPF which I think is great.

I am using XP Pro a DSL connection at 3MB with a wifi router. Any ideas?


Within CFP, open Application Monitor. Double-click the CAVEMSVR.exe rule to open/edit it. Go to the Miscellaneous tab, and check the boxes for “Skip Advanced Security Checks” & “Allow Invisible Connections.”

To make sure the temporary memory is cleared out and the new rule set, reboot the computer, then try your email again.


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Edit 9/7/07: changed ‘CAVEMLSVR.exe’ to ‘CAVEMSVR.exe’ to avoid any further confusion from this typo.

(:SAD)Thanks - but I have checked within CPF and I do not have the CAVEMLSVR.exe rule in the application monitor Should I do an application scan or should CPF have picked this up automatically?

When you send or receive an email, if the email scanner is enabled then CFP should have picked up on the CavEmSrv.exe file.

Are you using POP email on the standard ports 25 and 110?
If not, then CAVS will not scan your emails.

What email client are you using? Some, such as Thunderbird, require slight configuration changes to enable email scanners to work.


You can manually add a rule for CAVS’ email server executable to Application Monitor, and make the two changes I suggested (you can leave the rest as the default settings). You should be able to find it in this file path: c:\program files\comodo\comodo antivirus\CavEmSrv.exe. Set the Parent to Learn.

As NTTW noted, CAVS only works on standard email ports; if you’re using anything else (such as for an SSL connection, etc) it won’t work. But in that scenario, I wouldn’t think your connection would terminate like it is.

The other possibility is that there was an error during installation, and the email server did not get properly installed. In that case, you should have seen an error message (even though the install would likely complete) - if you were watching the process, that is… :wink:


My mistake - your fault. Uninstalled reinstalled - used CPF to scan for applications.
Kept looking for the original file you mentioned in first mail - CAVEMLSRV.exe and still couldnt find it - read the follow up mails and I should have been looking for CAVEMSRV.EXE - anyway no worries have made the change and will see what happens. Using outlook express in a standard way - default ports - pop server - etc.

Not sure if I should open a new thread for this but on start up the UPSLD runs - I assume its creating a list of files - takes about 30 mins - I go away not interested till its finished - when I come back the operation has completed - I assume - as the dialog box has disappeeared. The impression is that this list is editable bit I cannot find the list to be edited - is there one? Also should I run this on startup every time as it takes about half an hour. Or am I missing some brain cells?


Hi Big Badger

Had same problem but afraid it was not CAV caused. I tried the Application Monitor fix as well.
I think you will find this is an intermittant problem created by your email server. Try including a free 3rd party POP3 email provider as one of your OE accounts, ie Google, Bluebottle etc and see if it still happens.
I had Mailwasher which checked for email every 10 mins and was happening all the time with my Vodafone server but it never dropped a connection with Bluebottle.
Hope this helps.


The safelist database maker should only run after you first install CAVS. After that the DB will be updated via CAVS updates or you can add your own list of files that you mark as safe yourself. This is usually carried out when you get a HIPS pop up and you click allow and remember. You can also edit the list (Allow/Block List) in CAVS settings under HIPS.


I apologize about that ‘L’ added in there, bigbadger. I mis-typed that in my original post. NTTW had it correct, as I also did in my 2nd post. Typos do happen; sorry it threw you for such a loop.

I’ve edited my original post so as not to cause such confusion for future readers.


Well the problem persists. Have done some testing. and

When CAVS is not running I can send and receive no problem -no errors.
When CAVS is running I can send and receive no problem -but I receive an error from Outlook Express saying the usual message that the connection was terminated server error timeout etc etc.

The good thing is that despite the error message the emails have actually been sent! What I have just realised - which I will need to test further is whether the error relates to the sending part or receiving part of Outlook Express. I think it is when I have sent and the scanmay not have completed and Outlook wants to move on.

One aditional note is that I am collecting email from about seven different email accounts from 4 sources - Hotmail, AOL, my ISP in Spain which is Orange and Terra - part of Telefonica.

The Outlook Express error message seems to be caused by it having to wait for the sending email scan to complete - and then times out as it cannot do the receive from the same account. This is only my impression by looking at what is happening on the screen. Dont know if this helps anybody?

You can change the time-out properties in Outlook Express. Tools/Advanced/… something around in there (I don’t remember exactly, and haven’t used OE in a very long time); by default it’s usually set pretty low, like around 30 seconds.

You might also open that CAVEMSVR.exe Application Monitor rule in CFP, and change from “Apply the Following” to “Allow all activities.” This basically sets it as a “trusted” application. This might make a difference, even if it seems it shouldn’t. You still want the “skip advanced security checks” and “allow invisible connections” selected on the Miscellaneous tab.

These things may help.