"Mail gateway is not running" - SMTP (any MTA) Configuration? Please help!


after succsessfull installation of Comodo Antivirus on my Linux Mint 15 KDE (with this patch) I tried to activate and configure the SMTP Configuration, so that my e-mails (KMail client) will be checked.

So I went to Mail Gateway → SMTP Configuration → Mail Filtering Type and selected SMTP Gateway (any MTA). Because I thought, this option should be the right one for my KMail Client, I read here in the comodo help:

The SMTP Gateway filtering interface allows you to configure the settings for filtering all incoming and outgoing mails for your domain, irrespective of the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) you are using.

I have to configure “Inbound” and “Outbound”, especially to set the right ports seems to be important.

You can see the options on this two pictures:



If I leave it like you can see it in the pictures, Comodo runs (“all components are active and running” on the start screen of comodo).
But my e-mails won’t be checked - I’ve tested it with a prepared email (an other pc with avast on it warns and quarantines the infectet e-mail attachment of this prepared e-mail!). It comes unchecked in my KMail client!

So I think, I have to adapt the ports.
My e-mail provider has the following ports:
Inbound (without/with SSL encryption), POP3: 110/995
Outbound (without/with SSL encryption), SMTP: 25/465

With this ports KMail is running.
I tried first with encryption and then without, because I thought, maybe Comodo does not support the SSL encryption.
But with both settings, I got the error-message: Mail gateway is not running!

Once I change the ports, different from the original entries (you can see in the pictures), I got the error!
I didn’t change anything else in these windows.

I can start the diagnose, then it says, there’s something wrong and can be repared. After the repair I shall restart the system. But then it’s still the same again!

Does anyone have an idea? ???