mail da comodo

ho ricevuto questa mail da comodo, ma visto che non ho mai ricevuto mail mi è venuto il dubbio che sia una truffa o comunque spam… voi che ne dite?

Riporto qui la mail:

Hi guys, I’m glad to inform you we have just released new CESM 1.5 Size: 19M (18880000) SHA1: 96e2b293f265ec00be67b1fa1f5b9625404c0dc3 MD5: 0b3196da9a423e5ffd6c453a9e0c9eba Size: 44M (45588992) SHA1: 3cec6a40f1436eb169738bfd5af269c2d4912cca MD5: 53a1b9fe12382897660b4aad7b1adf3f Size: 42M (43858432) SHA1: ac5cbc376a74273e117e006b92d6e76f818a6871 MD5:a3ab58b4f6fa6d84de89c220c4a9eb9a New features: 1.Computer management via Computer Properties Window Windows services Start/Stop/Pause/Resume, uninstalling software, observing remote processes with ability to end process, applying power options. 2.Instant ution of certain actions on multiple computers 3.Ability to use Remote Desktop Client via ESM Console 4.Simplified Agent update/uninstall procedure 5.Enhanced power control operations (hibernate, standby, shutdown) 6.Task ution progress monitoring 7.Interactive graphical diagrams on the dashboard Ability to obtain the following reports: Antivirus database versions. Malware statistics. Computer properties. 8.ESM Server configuration tool 9.Windows system restore points management 10.CIS safe file lists management 11.Ability to initiate LivePC support chat via ESM Console 12.Comodo products updates manager 13.Minimize to tray feature for CESM Console Application 14.Manual agent installation integrated with managed products 15.Ability to scan real items of the remote file system (realtime navigation) 16.Ability to postpone reboot after CIS installation 17.CIS Trusted Vendors management 18.AV uninstaller 19.Warranty 20.AD naming mapping errors fix 21.Products installation wizard 22.Standalone Agent Installer (single file) 23.CIS 4.0 integration 24.CIS local administration mode 25.Show CIS AV,D+ and FW alerts in RM mode as notifications 26.3 CIS update addresses For any bugs please mention detailed description with environment and steps to reproduce, snapshots etc. We encourage users to try our new version and share any feedback! To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck “Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.” in your profile. You can view the full announcement by following this link: Regards, The Welcome to the Comodo Forum Team.

mi rispondo da solo… non mi ricordavo di aver cliccato di ricevere via mail delle comunicazioni… ma mi chiedo… perchè mi è arrivata questa e non la comunicazione della nuova versione del FW?

Anche a me è arrivata questa mail sicome comodo è installato su quattro computer lo installata. vediamo a che serve…

Endpoint Security Manager (link)

Ora ho capito cos’è ESM ;D

In poche parole serve per centralizzare il controllo delle altre postazioni in cui è installato CIS…

La mail l’ho ricevuta anch’io, penso l’abbiano inviata per metterlo alla nostra attenzione… per farsi un po’ di pubblicità.