MagicJack phone service on the computer

I have MagicJack phone service via the usb port. Running XP/SP3 and Comodo 3.5.54375. When in Comodo is in “safe mode” I can not get ring tones, call out, ect. BUT if I go into “Disable” mode, MagicJack works fine. Any body got any ideas? I’ve tried “My Protected Files”, “My Safe Files”, “My Blocked Files”, etc. Nothing helps untill I go into the disable mode. Any help appreciated.

This Issue Is Located Two Other Threads.

Also, Is This Defense Problem Or Firewall?

If a firewall problem MagicJack Works On Ports 5060 and 5070 UDP


Thanks CGPMaster for a quick reply. I think it must be a defense problem because I have the proper ports listed as you posted. I will check those two threads you’ve linked, and hope I can find a solution there. New to this forum and I did a search but it didn’t list anything for MagicJack. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.