MagicJack and huer.suspicious@22566607

Whenever I plug magic jack(for internet phone service) into my computer, I get a “huer.suspicious@22566607” for magicjack.exe. If magicjack is a device that is read only, is it possible for it to have gotten a virus attached to it? or is this a false positive?

This seams to be a false positive please follow this guide on how to report false positives. Thx

Or maybe a Mod could move this to FP section.

What is the fix for this?

You will need to report this as a false positive follow the guide in the link i posted before or use this page:

If you want it fixed you must submit the file to Comodo using the guide or the link i just posted.

Hi dman777,

The reported FP has been fixed in DB 1384.

-Chandra Mohan