Magic jack ask for permission everytime it's connected

Every time I connect Magic Jack I get a pop up to allow installation. I have defined it as a trusted application many times but continues to ask for permission every time I connect it. What can I do? It’s the only program I have this problem

What is the exact permission it asks for? May be you can post one or more screenshots with the pop up of CIS?

Other than this problem, how do you like Magic jack?

When I connect I get this popup everytime . Then there are 2 to 3 more popups before I can connect. I go into installation mode and the next time I connect go through the same process again

autorun.exe could not be recognized and is about to access the service control manager

It’s because it’s started from a USB stick. No executable on a removable drive can be made trusted, as they can be used on non-CIS protected PCs.

Ewen :slight_smile: