MaCSMgr.exe Problem

I used to have a Samsung MP3 player and I had Samsung Media Studio installed. When I deleted it it left behind MarkAny ContentSafer (MaCSMgr.exe)which is the DRM component for Samsung Media Studio. Now it says that there is a buffer overflow in Windows Media Player, iTunes and Notepad. I know it is to do with MaCSMgr.exe because Comodo sandboxes it when the buffer overflow message is showing.

I have uninstalled MarkAny ContentSafer through Add/Remove Programs but it does not get rid of it at all.

I am not sure what to try next?

Easiest is to use Autoruns to disable the start up of that file.

Download Autoruns and run it.

This program finds about all auto starts in Windows. This tool can therefore seriously damage Windows when not handled properly. After starting push Escape and go to Options and choose to hide Windows and Microsoft entries, to include empty locations and then push F5 to refresh.

Now use the search function (F3) or simply browse through the entries until you find the entry MaCSMgr.exe and untick it. When done reboot your computer and try running the mentioned applications again.

Thank You so much. That worked. It was actually a DLL linked to MarkAny ContentSafer which I had to disable with Autoruns.

Yet again. Thank you so much. It has been annoying me for over a year now and I have finally got an answer.