Macros not saving

I’m trying to create a Simple Copy backup that keeps 2 revisions. I enable Macros, select REV_NO_MAX, set the reset to 2 and add the Macro. I can save the schedule and all looks ok if I go back in to edit it.

If I close the console and open it again then go back in to edit the task the Enable Macros box is no longer selected and the Macro has gone, when the task is run it creates no revisions. Am I doing something wrong?

I would also like to request a feature, which is a more advanced scheduler. I would like to be able to schedule a task to run every 2 weeks rather than weekly, and another task monthly based on the day of the week (i.e. backup the first Sunday of every month). This would infact remove the need of revisions for my purposes.


No you are not doing anything working, it could be just an issue with editing the job.
If you re-create it, then run it (without editing) it should work.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. The issue will be fixed in the next release.

You could export the backup job to script file (in backup step 5) and set a schedule for the script file using Windows Task Scheduler.


Thanks for the reply, I will try re-creating the job and resist the urge to go back and check it!

I’m using CB because I specifically want a backup that runs as a service so it can run when no one is logged on, so unfortunately the Task Schedular option wouldn’t work for me.