macrium reflect and HIPS

every time I start Macrium Reflect, I get Sandbox prompts about “reflectbin.exe”
apparently it doesn’t have a proper digital signature, and it is too large for COMODO to submit for analysis

even though I mark it as trusted, next time I get the prompts again.
What to do?

Sounds like is still affecting version 8.x while it is fixed in version 10. However you can create an auto-sandbox rule to tell the sandbox to ignore the application from being sandboxed.

autosandbox idea was good
I actually already had an ignore rule for reflectbin, but I added an ignore rule for reflect, and that worked

EDIT: now I see that my previous rule was ignore if trusted, probably that was the problem.

I have reflectbin.exe marked as Trusted in the File List and I get no such problems. Macrium Reflect works just fine.