Machine keeps rebooting

Comodo anti virus says it found a virus on my wifes machine (name of virus: not a virus PSWTools) and it quarntined it. Did a quick check of my wifes machine ran Comodo AntiVirus came back clean, uninstalled then reinstalled the newest BoClean, it did not appear on the icon tray and computer is stuck in a reboot mode. Am running Winxp pro with Comodo Firewall. AMD with a gig of mem.Comodo virus, has anyone heard of this virus, also did not get the full name of the virus, not sure about the name of the virus it was : not a virus p–tools. Sorry about that. Any input is appreciated. Don’t think BoClean is the problem, have been running it for a few years. Also on reboot sometimes will reboot twice, before letting me in, then time is limited.

If you can get the machine to boot into Safe Mode (f8 when booting), redo your scans with AV programs there.
Some malware cannot be cleaned or deleted in standard Windows mode.
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If it reboots twice I don’t know what the problem is, usually if it just reboot once it’s because you’ve mad it to auto-reboot if system crash. Anyways, you could try Avast Antivirus Home and run a boot-time scan. Also you could try to disable system restore if it keeps coming back after it’s deleted it boot-time scan, then run another one and enable system restore after it’s removed.
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Which file was quarantined ? If you let the file out of quarantine, do you have the same problem ? Did you search with the file name on ? Could it be a false positive ? Scan the file on !

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