Mach32.dll identified as virus

Weird stuff. I updated via the comodo updater to 3.13 and my antivirus Sophos immediately quarantines mach32.dll which is located in the comodo program files.
Is this a false positive or is my comodo update hijacked in some way

the diagnostics tool says no problems found and no other scanning program i have like MBAM, SAS identifiy the file as a virus.

Earlier versions of comodo up to 3.12 whihc also had a version of mach32.dll did not trigger the virus alert
the filesize of mach32.dll is
1.08 MB (1,143,056 bytes)
and sits in
c:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners
c:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\repair

both files have the same size
can someone give me confirmation on the filesize and location?
i use vista x86 home premium

Yes same size screenshot below also should be digital signed.


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Thanks for the confirmation.
I will check if my file is digitally signed.
I contacted the support department of my AV and asked them if they could look into this file.
the AV gave me real trouble authorizing the file. It would not let it go that easily which is very irritating

But that has nothing to do with Comodo :slight_smile:

I too have Sophos AV and it reported Mach32.dll as being infected with Mal\Gampass-B.

The file I have is digitally signed it seems, Comodo Security Solutions, 18th November 2009,

However the date/time is different to the screen shot shown here

I have created date of 20th Feb 2009 and modified date of 21st Nov 2009

I have asked Comodo and Sophos for clarification as to whether it is a false positive or not but have had no luck so far. Comodo referred me to the Forum - Sophos is still thinking about an answer.

Would like to know if anyone else has had a successful resolution to this problem.