Mac Remote Desktop Blocked by Firewall


Last night I was trying to use Remote Desktop on my Mac to connect to my Windows XP SP2 machine but could only get it to work if the firewall was set to “allow all” :-\

I have the firewall configured with rules:

  • to allow ALL traffice on ANY ports within the appropriate range that pertains to my network (192.168.x.x - 192168.x.x)

But with the firewall set to Custom this makes no difference. ???
I can also see log events in the logs when I try to RD into my PC - a MEDIUM event is logged showing the IP address of the MAC.

Any ideas on how to configure the software so that it allows RDP connections from my MAC even when the firewall is set to CUSTOM.

Many thanks for your advice,

any ideas from anyone on this problem…?

Many thanks,

Hi, LS. Sorry you haven’t received any response since April…

I don’t know the answer, but I can lead you to some:,1223.0.html,1676.0.html,2872.0.html,4028.0.html,4353.0.html,4365.0.html,6358.0.html,6749.0.html,7470.0.html,7728.0.html,8164.0.html,8559.0.html,8591.0.html,8773.0.html,8922.0.html,9179.0.html