MAC Address Filtering

Installed the 309 Beta and yes it’s there.

Very Powerful Personal Firewall indeed!

How about taking us all to school on this.

If a home user has a router, therefor a LAN. MAC filtering would be best done on the router.

If a home user has no router and applies MAC filtering to the WAN.
Would this not lead to an Administrative nightmare for them,
as the rest of the world can and will make hardware changes?

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Apologies to those concerned.
Let’s go to School on this please. TIA

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Thanks Bad - your logic is impeccable.

As I see it, the main use of MAC filtering on a typical HOME LAN would be to prevent traffic between two known points on the LAN and this would need to be handled by the router not by a personal firewall running on a single PC.

If the user is not behind a router and is accesing the net by means of a modem AND the rest of the LAN is accessing the internet by means of ICS (or similar proxy) through the modem connected PC, then MAC filtering could be used to prevent or restrict access to certain PCs on the LAN, but only under these ICS-type circumstances.

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i want discuss mac filters and their sense due any isp, ifs cable fix ip, or changing ip ISP given and the problem isnot might a local attack, then rather a good hacker hacks ur isp and have ur full identiy might with size of shoes.

what first is need is a secondly dynamic mac adress change of ISPS, that they wont cant due law wants know waht you surf and do.

so the problem with mac spoof is rather not local desktop, then ur ISP.

i think that cant control a firewall,

mac is secondary adress, if i did spoof the pc ip successfull, the machine is dead, no need for mac more.


i think its better might firewall have a reverse lookup to trust origin ip.

which firewalls often deny due icmp block.

correct me, im no hacker, just might understood a little networking