Mac address filtering on the network


I want to allow only systems who’s Ip/ mac address i enter only to be able to access shares on my system how could i configure this. Thank you

also i use windows 7 i felt it would be important to note that. I have tried every configuration i can think of and when i try to access my shares it allows it even though i tell the firewall to block i think i am configuring it wrong and help would be greatly appreciated.

Ok O0 :-TU

I have answered my own question on this one. I basicly trough trial & error have discovered that my issue is that windows 7 and vista uses ipv6 which comodo & many other firewalls at the moment are incapable of dealing with. As a remedy to my issue i simply disabled ipv6 in my network connection options and now this firewall is completly customizable and rocks. I mean this thing blocks via mac, ip address and you name it i love it, truly professional grade once you understand it!!! :wink: