So I’ve been reading on this forum as well as others that combining a Limited User Account with Software Restriction Policy can provide some nice extra protection.

I’m wondering if any can help me to understand this concept for as far as I’m concerned I’ve normally just use an admin account. I saw somewhere on this forum how to enable SRP but haven’t actually fully read through it or how to use it but for now I’m more concerned about how would I use LUA?

Seems to me it limits you in a lot of things so I’m wondering how would I be able to use it without having any problems???

Okay I guess I got to be more specific. What it comes down to is if I use a Limited User Account and couple it with Software Restriction Policy how will this affect me when it comes to updating Windows via Windows or Automatic Update? This same question also goes for updating other programs such as antivirus or my browser? Is it that in order to do so I would have to switch to an admin account?

Also if you are able to update some of these programs under LUA and SRP will it be updated in the admin account as well? Or will I have to also update those as well?

I use LUA and SRP in a similar way to How to make a disallowed-by-default Software Restriction Policy. It makes to difference at all to normal operation. Windows and other applications all update with no problems but you do have to log in as admin to do it. The program (unless very badly written) will then update for all accounts. In vista you and do “run as admin” from LUA but I have that disables for extra security. Some old programs such as games do not run at all as they save a a file to the temp directory and try and fail to execute it but additional rules can work round this.

I would strongly recommend LUA + SRP and it makes the PC very secure. I use the admin account to install/update software but that is about all. The only thing I would like is a hardware monitor (temp/fan speed etc) program that runs under LUA.

I have never had any malware run sucessfully on any of my computers.

See this site for more information on setting up LUA and SRP:

And these Wilders threads:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response guys. I will read up those articles to better understand.

Maybe this app will be useful for you:

…Once i struggled to make GSM provider app (mobile internet) work on LUA. It always refused.
At the end i configured it to run as admin always without entering admin pass.

I tried this a while ago but it did not work with large fonts. I now no longer use large fonts as I have glasses so I will try it again.

There are two things I hate particularly: programs that won’t run with LUA and programs that won’t run with large fonts.