Lt.Ganda Avatars

Not being one to PM or E-mail a busy Moderator on a “not Strictly Comodo issue”,
I am posting here.
Does anyone know the origin of the series of little brown,big mouthed, guys Lt.Ganda has
for Avatars?
There is just so much personality in those scowls.
They remind me of the little aliens from the movie Galaxy Quest.

I have often looked for the origin of his avatars. I currently believe that they come from another forum in cyber-space. :slight_smile: Well, maybe some avatar site. I’m looking now. ;D

Oh but maybe he creates them, and they will once rule the world ; so will he !


I have no clue

  • Jacob

I found them one day but didn’t bookmark the site. I’ll take another look to see what i can come up with.

:-TU We are all holding our breath. ;D

Ganda runs two sets of avatars.

I like this Ganda. ;D

I like the little brown guy that looks really miffed,who
suddenly opens his mouth and picks his teeth.
In the states there was a commercial years ago for
an angled toothbrush.
Their Shtick was;" Get our tooth brush to reach those hard to get area’s.
The only thing better is to have a flip- top head".
Ganda’s avatar reminds me of the flip- top head character.

Ahh! the belly dancing Ganda :o
Xman 8)


Why have I never seen this Ganda?

The cigar smoking Ganda looks a little like Stewie from Family Guy.
The cooking Ganda looks like me on Hyderabad biryani cooking night.
More red chili!!

I forgot these…

Where are you getting those JoWa?

for example

you just need to right click it and see what the link it gives (at least with opera)


From Ganda! I have saved his avatars and uploaded on Pici. ;D O0

Except this one:

Haha…that’s funny. A collection of ganda’s avatars. ;D

That’s Baby Soldier series.
And the brown one, called Bofu.

Bofu is abbreviation for “Brown” & “Tofu”.
Mine is Tuzki.
And my sign is called YoyoCici or just “Yoyo”.

Yoyo is quite popular among Koreans and Ragnarok Online’s fans.

Thank You Soy Joy!!

Google is my Friend,Oh!!
Google is my Friend,Oh!
When I am in need,
It is to Google I go,OH!!!

The Gold Mine! The Mother Lode!!

Still, I wonder why even though he is certainly aware of this thread,
the Mysterious One did not put in an appearance.

Ah,The Unpredictable,Unconventional Lt Ganda!

Thank you Soy Joy and Sir-blahblah! ;D

Ok…I’m setting my download manager to batch download them. ;D