Lso cookies sanbox

I have learned that flash player cookies raise privacy concerns. If I put my browser in Comodo sandbox, those lso cookies appear to be gone in VTRoot folder but can they be read by websites from there anyway if I don’t delete them?

Hi white31,
Any cookie that can communicate back to a site, will also be able to do so in a virtualized (Sandbox) environment.
Cookies stored in the Sandbox (VTRoot folder), we not be active on the real system.

Kind regards.

Ok. thanks for answer. I think then I still need to use BetterPrivacy and set path within it to VTRoot.

Hi white31,
Any action performed in a Sandboxed environment is acting as that of a real system.
While in a Sandboxed (Fully Virtualised) environment any data saved appears to be that of the real system and the VTRoot folder is not included in the path.
I imagine if ‘BetterPrivacy’ is run virtualized, that the path should stay the same as the real system.
The VTRoot folder is acting as the main system drive consisting of the local system partition (C:) while in a Sandboxed environment.

The above is the way I believe it to work, if anyone knows differently please post.

Thank you.