lsass.exe - block or not?

I have WinXP Home, with running utorrent.
Today, for the first time, i saw message for lsass.exe (see attachment).
What should i do? Allow or block this inbound connection?

[attachment deleted by admin]

lsass is part of Windows so yes allow it. You can Google it and it will explain. Its part of Windows Security. I have that process on my desktop and laptop.

After some experience with alot of firewalls i can say that lssas does not need network acces and must be blocked at least at inbound level if not totally.
Any unusual conection to lssas may be interpreted as trojan infection.Lssas is one of the files that can be infected when running keygens, cracks etc.
I advise that when you make a clean install to block this files acces to internet, it doesnt really need it.
Run an Trend Micro ,KAV,BitDefender scan(online at least).
Lssas may be used by some one to take control over your computer and your picture shows a remote conection to your computer.
Usually Inbound conections must be blocked, only in online gaming or P2P an inbound UDP conection is required (for the specific aplication) because of the receive/send datagrams need.